Canadian Coinage

Canada design and Canada tradition. We'll be featuring the coins and tokens of Canada from the 18th Century to right now. 


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Token Talk

Duff Malkin is our token investigator. He explores tokens, scrips, medals, coupons, transit cards and all manner of numismatica from deepest B.C. 

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History In Coins

Humans have been using coins for two and a half thousand years and more. Every coin has a story. Julian Ticehurst digs about. 


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Postcards from British Columbia and World History. 

Nanaimo Lumber PostcardSee Postcards here

Coins Of The World

Coins from the entire World. Especially those featuring good design. And Animals. 


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Unusual Coins

Mike Souza loves unusual coins. Non-round coins, wooden, ceramic, multi-sided plastic, guitar-shaped, spherical - there are lots of strange and wonderful coins to explore. 


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Funny Money

Canadian satirical political notes. 

Diefenbuck - 92-1/2 cents. Same both sides.

Diefenbuck - 92-1/2 cents. Same both sides.

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We do love coins but many of us collect stamps too. Who can resist an interesting stamp? 


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Bank Notes

Bank Notes. Design. History. 


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Club News

News about the Society, our Coin Fair, our monthly meeting, pizzas and so forth. 


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