Token Talk: The Vancouver Antique Flea Market


The Vancouver Antique Flea Market at 24 Water Street on the ground level of the Grand Hotel also issued an “admits two” tokens along with this wood in 1969 and an “admits two” token in 1970.
I do recollect going down there once and seeing a vertical pile of these woods and they were very dirty. Knowing that tokens and woods were numismatic I started to try and get one but was discouraged by other members of my family who were there too (and saw nothing that they wanted).

I am not sure how the tokens were distributed but it was not hard to get two for one and such like tickets in Gastown. For some years the wax museum there had people handing them out.
As far as I can recollect it did not last very long, possibly because it was only open on weekends, as stated on the piece. I can recall going by it when it was not open. It was listed as “Western Canada’s first and only antique and art market place” with 21 antique dealers and 8 artists in the Chilliwack Progress of May 21st, 1969.

The Vancouver City Council minutes of January 13th, 1970, mention a desire expressed by the market to issue a memorial token to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Gastown. So far as I know none were ever minted, but all of this would seem to indicate that there was someone with a numismatic bent involved with the market.
In order to fit customs rules woods made in the United States have to and usually do bear a marking to indicate such.

~Duff Malkin

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