Club Meeting this Tuesday 20th + Wooden Nickels

Bad Girls of Vancouver wooden token

Does anyone remember wooden nickels? Many can remember being cautioned not to take a wooden nickel! Does anyone remember using them in shops ? I’ve been reviewing my collection of B.C. wooden tokens. Most are adverts for local businesses in Vancouver and British Columbia.  A few have ‘made in USA’. Was there a local B.C. firm producing them as well ?  We may find out more on Tuesday 20th 6.30pm at the North Shore Numismatic Society club meeting at our usual Bonsor 55+ .I’ll bring a selection of these fascinating pieces of British Columbiana. Here’s one from our sister club…

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Wooden Coin from Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo 5 Francs Reverse

  This 2005 coin is made of Maple wood and was issued by the Congo to commemorate the efforts to protect gorillas and their rainforest habitat.  The gorillas were once considered endangered due to poaching, clear cutting of the trees and disease but have made a comeback.   Only 2,000 were made. Thank you Joel for the image.

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