Philip Timms, B.C. photographer

Philip Timms Bowen. Island

“Mr. Timms is a real Vancouver pioneer; handpicked, extra special, double refined and forty over proof.” Major J.S. Matthews, City of Vancouver Archivist, perhaps best described Philip Timms. Philip Timms, amongst many other accomplishments, created a photographic record of Vancouver between 1900 and 1910. In subsequent years he take many photographs across B.C. A number of Timms’ real photograph postcards have recently featured in the All Nations Stamp & Coin auctions here in Vancouver – thank you for the images.  Thank you Vancouver Public library for the biography of Philip Timms see British Columbia Through the Camera Lens of Philip Timms Philip Timms…

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Pacific National Exhibition, Vancouver – 1964 token

PNE Vancouver - Token

I rather believe that the purpose of this PNE token, which was issued for the 1964 fair (in Vancouver B.C.), was to let exhibitors and club display members in, so that they did not have to pay admission. When the coin clubs had displays at the PNE in the clubs section of the fair (in the BC Pavilion) we were given admission tickets so that club members could get in. These we used. They bore printing indicating the nature of their use. As for free passes, well it used to be (and may still well be) that every elementary school…

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Reminder of the October North Shore Numismatic Society Meeting

Bank of Vancouver Note

Hello everyone, Mark your calendars!!! This is a reminder that the next North Shore Numismatic Society meeting is Tuesday, October 20th. The meeting is held at the Bonsor Recreation Centre, in Multipurpose Room #2.  Doors open at 7 pm and the meeting starts at 7:30 pm.  The meeting is open to members and non-members, so everyone is welcome. Program:  Michael Souza will present a PowerPoint on “The History of the Bank of Vancouver”. Using archival photos and Bank of Vancouver memorabilia, Michael Souza will present a brief history of British Columbia and its impact on the rise and demise of the Bank of…

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Token from the PNE, Vancouver

At this small booth there was a roulette wheel and one could win the prizes seen.  However, one had to buy tokens to put one’s bet down and these were being sold at three for five dollars and five for ten. They are plastic and orange in colour and had (or have) a paper label stuck to them. I say “had” as there were many with this label worn off or mostly worn off. There were others, however, that were not so bad, but it took a number of purchases to find them. I used all the worn items.  All…

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Token Talk: The Vancouver Antique Flea Market

The Vancouver Antique Flea Market at 24 Water Street on the ground level of the Grand Hotel also issued an “admits two” tokens along with this wood in 1969 and an “admits two” token in 1970. I do recollect going down there once and seeing a vertical pile of these woods and they were very dirty. Knowing that tokens and woods were numismatic I started to try and get one but was discouraged by other members of my family who were there too (and saw nothing that they wanted). I am not sure how the tokens were distributed but it…

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