Copper Penny of Torrhen Stark

Torrhen StarK Penny Winterfell

“The copper penny of the North Kingdom was minted at Winterfell by Torrhen Stark, the last King of the Independent North Kingdom. It dates It dates from some three hundred years before King Robert Baratheon’s reign, long before Aegon’s Conquest that united Westeros. The obverse pictures the standing king with scepters. The reverse shows the head of a Dire Wolf, mascot of the House of Stark” Thank you Joel at joelscoins for text and image.

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Armillary Sphere coin in gold from the Cook islands

Coin week have reported the new “Armillary Sphere” coin. It’s an ounce of finest gold and is actually legal tender in Cook Islands value  $100.   This avant-garde 24-carat gold coin concept comes in the shape of an Armillary sphere. Four individual annular $25 1/4 ounce coins combine to form a large one-ounce $100 coin. This coin was produced by Swiss gold manufacturer Valcambi and is legal tender in the Cook Islands.  Each of the rings is individually packaged and comes with its own assay card, which lists purity, weight, and authentication by a Valcambi certified assayer. Obverse: Three concentric rings and an center disc.…

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Many people carry their money…on their head

The great mines of Falun in Sweden provided much of Europe’s copper during the seventeenth century. Now a world heritage site the mine’s production affected the economic and political situation throughout the continent and gave rise to one of the more idiosyncratic monetary practices…. Following the first coinage act for plate money in 1644, sheets of copper of varying sizes were stamped with dies to indicate their value in terms of silver dalers. These included eight daler pieces which were over half a metre in length and weighed 14kg, leading a Danish visitor to comment: “Many people carry their money in…

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