Chrysanthemum 10 Sen from Japan

Japan 10 Sent

A beautiful 10 Sen from Japan. 0.7200 silver. Japanese dates on coins start with the era 明治 (Meiji) 1867 – 1912 and then 4 x 10 + 5 shown reading clockwise looking towards the centre of the coin. So this coin is 45th Regnal Year of Emperor Mutsuhito. Or in western calendar 1912. * Thank you for image and information on dating Japan coins. *  I hope, corrections or confirmations  very welcome 🙂 Thank you NGC for images  

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Japan 1 Sen 1945

Due to the shortage of metal in Japan caused by World War II, this 1945 1 Sen coin was made of baked clay and pressed into service.   It circulated in central Japan for only a few days at the end of the war.  The coin features Mt. Fuji on the obverse with the value of 1 Sen, while on the reverse is the Imperial Seal of Japan with the name of the issuing authority.   The coin comes in two varieties, one in brown baked clay, and the other in red baked clay.  Both are quite scarce and mintage is unknown.…

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