George V grading, notes from the April NSNS club meeting

Percy Metcalfe obverse 1935 Canada Dollar

Hi everyone, We had a great meeting this last Tuesday. Thank you Bill Watson who gave a fascinating presentation on the grading of George V coins and facilitated an open discussion about coin grading. The websites presented were:- Coins and Canada guide to grading Saskatoon Coin Club – Canadian Coin Grading This is the grading book mentioned Andre Langlois – Guide for Grading Coins of Canada, Boucherville Press, 1st Ed., 2015 It is available from Chantou Giuseppe Iorio said there would be a discount for club members! Bill Watson mentioned that George V joined the Navy at the age of 12. Here…

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Great Grading Guide for Circulated Canada Coins

Guide for Grading Coins of Canada, 1st Ed., 2015 - Andre Langlois

At last!  A truly excellent guide* to grading circulation Canadian coins has been published by Andre Langlois (ANPB Boucherville) It’s a large spiral-bound card-backed format. The photos are big – a half page. And there are tips to grading with each photo. A very interesting feature is the inclusion of varieties and odd examples – an invaluable resource for Canadian collectors.  Commemoratives, except for the 1935 dollar, are not included – they are quickly removed from circulation says the author. And coins after about 1970 are easily available in Mint States (MS grades) and so are not featured. But all the early…

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