UBC SUB Pizza Parlour

There was a time when the UBC Stamp and Coin Club could have met at night at SUB and had Pizza and Beer!!! Quite cheaply but then as you may see wages were not that great either then. A fairly replete history of the SUB Pizza Parlor from the Ubyssey (and its token) September 14th, 1976 Ubyssey “Parlor opens tonight Pizza and beer will replace hamburgers and milk every night in the SUB cafeteria snack bar beginning today at 7p.m. The new SUB pizza parlor will offer beer, wine, cider and pop over the counter from 7p.m. to 12:30a.m. Friday and…

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Canada’s Rarest Coin

Canadian Coin News > On 19th October 1911 “the Royal Mint of London, England sent dies for a new Canadian $1 silver coin to its Ottawa Branch; this coin is known today by collectors as the rarest coin from Canada. According to articles from the present day Royal Canadian Mint, when the Mint began striking coins in 1908 (then known as the Ottawa Branch of the Royal Mint), a one-dollar coin had not yet entered circulation, but was desperately needed; so in 1911, the Mint struck a trial one dollar coin in lead, while London’s Royal Mint struck two trial…

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Our Coin Show is Saturday 12th September at Nikkei Cultural Centre in Burnaby

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The show is held at the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre located at 6688 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby, just 4km east of Metrotown near Kingsway & Sperling.   There is free underground parking at the Centre and along Beresford Avenue.

The show hours are from 9am to 3pm.  Admission is $2 and is free for age 16 and under if accompanied by an adult.

Bank Notes: The world’s oldest (surviving) bank note ?

“In 1923, Dr. Richard Ehrenfeld of Vienna wrote to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to announce that he had in his possession the oldest bank note in existence, a one kwan (or guan) issue of the Ming dynasty from about the year 1375, discovered in 1888 during the demolition of an old house in Beijing and acquired by his father….” Read on in this interesting article on the American Numismatic Society’s blog  http://www.anspocketchange.org/the-worlds-oldest-surviving-paper-money/ “The Chinese not only invented paper, they invented paper money, during the reign of emperor Chen Tsung (998-1022 AD). Examples predating the Ming notes are rarely encountered and…

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