Stamps in a Can

Stamps in a Can

fish stamps from tin

In November 2016, to celebrate the National Canning industry, Portugal issued a series of six stamps contained in an unopened can.  The idea behind this very special highlight was the inclusion of 50,000 series of these stamps presented inside food cans, specially prepared and screen-printed for the purpose, but otherwise identical to those used for seafood.

These stamps show the different processes as well as the various types of fish, including Sardines, Eel, and Tuna, which you can find attractively packaged in colourful cans in food stores and souvenir shops everywhere in Lisbon!

This is the first time that an issue of stamps will be presented to the public “enclosed” in food cans. Collaborating with the CTT Correios de Portugal on this unusual venture was the oldest cannery still in operation in the world, “Conservas Ramirez”, established in 1853. By happy coincidence, it was the same year that the first Portuguese stamp appeared: the celebrated “D. Maria II” stamp, brought into circulation on 1 July 1853 in 5 réis and 25 réis versions.

The company “Conservas Ramirez” advised the CTT on choosing the special can and its screen-printing, as well as carrying out the insertion of the stamps into cans, then sealing them in their factory facilities in Matosinhos.

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