Stamps: Bhutanese playable records

Bhutan record playable stamps

One of the most unusual set of stamps ever issued is this set from Bhutan. It was issued in 1973 and each of the seven stamps is a plastic record that can be played on a phonograph. Each record contains folk songs and folk tales. The stamp denominations are:

9 Ngultrums (Yellow Stamp)
8 Ngultrums (White Stamp)
7 Ngultrums (Black Stamp)
3 Ngulturms (Purple Stamp)
1.25 Ngultrums (Blue Stamp)
10 Chetrums (Red Stamp)
25 Chetrums (Green Stamp)

A complete unused set sells for between US$400 and US$600 on Ebay. Record stamps that have been postally used and cancelled on envelopes sell for between US$150 to $300 on Ebay.

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