Selvi Calyst – An ancient numismatist?

They’ve just found a roman hoard in consisting of 2976 silver denarii coins during excavations works in Sofia, Bulgaria. The owner of the hoard is actually inscribed on the ceramic container. Selvi Calyst.

Selvi Calyst – could he have been an ancient numismatist? His coin collection spans a 100 years –  the Emperors from Vespasian to Commodus with the Antonines and their wives and daughters represented in full. Perhaps he was an Antonine descendent mapping his family history in coin…

NEWS 5th September 2015, >
“Bulgarian archaeologists discovered an ancient Roman hoard consisting of 2976 silver denarii coins during excavations works at Saint Nedelya square in downtown Sofia.

The coins were found in a ceramic vessel, which bears the name of its last owner inscribed on one of its sides, Cross news agency informs.

According to the inscription, the last owner of the treasure was Selvii Calyst – a Roman citizen of Greek origin.

The coins date back to the 1st and 2nd century AD and had been collected over a period of a hundred years.”

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Faustina the Elder, wife of Antoninus Pius would have been in Selvii Calyst’s collection (most probably)

Fasutina The Elder

This coin not found in Bulgarian hoard but found in England. Thank you

“As the wife of Antoninus Pius, Faustina earned a mixed reputation for her purported fun-loving lifestyle and lack of gravity. The emperor himself wrote very fondly of Faustina, though other reports suggest that her debauchery were a source of grief for her husband. Antoninus Pius may even have suppressed many of the vicious rumors which circulated about his wife.”


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