Political Wood – Grant Devine, Saskatchewan 1991


Grant Devine, Premier of Saskatchewan, 1982 to 1991

picture of Grant Devine

Patronage and Corruption,  1-1/2”  Political wood.

Possibly issued as a political protest around the time of the 1991 Sask. election.

Devine’s PC government fell to the Saskatchewan NDP in 1991 after driving the province into a record $14-billion debt. Devine became synonymous with corruption after 14 of his MLAs, including eight Ministers, and two party workers were convicted for fraud. Six went to jail.

Another, former Assiniboia-Gravelbourg PC MLA Jack Wolfe, tormented over having to testify against his friends and former colleagues, and by the fact he was potentially facing arrest himself, killed himself. Devine was never charged, but has said he still accepts overall responsibility for the actions of his people, which resulted in the theft of $800,000 of public money.

Other side saying Good for Nothing, surrounded by Devine Promises Tory Bank of Deficits

Good for Nothing, Devine Promises Tory Bank of Deficits

Heads side saying P.C. Regina II Patronage and Corruption,

P.C. Regina II Patronage and Corruption,

Info: OurSask.ca website, 2017 article by Tammy Robert.

Devine Photo: Wikipedia

Wood courtesy of: Julian Ticehurst

Issuer: Unknown.

Wood Photos: Gene Simms

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