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Political $2 Note Vanderzalm

Political $2 Note Vanderzalm 2


Here’s a Bill (William) Vander Zalm, satirical political note, over-written in blue ink on a genuine Canadian $2 bank note.  One bird appears to be thinking or talking to the other, “WHO’D VOTE FOR AN IDIOT LIKE VANDERZALM”.  Probably issued as a protest note during the 1986 provincial election. The same year the bird series notes came out.

In 1986, then Premier Bennett announced he was retiring. Vander Zalm, local businessman and political activist attracted considerable attention as he considered whether he would run for the leadership of the Social Credit Party. He generated more press out of the race than the other candidates did in it. At the party’s convention in Whistler, British Columbia, he prevailed over 11 other candidates by winning on the fourth ballot.[1]

He was sworn in as premier just a month before the 1986 election. During the subsequent provincial election campaign, “Vandermania” swept BC, and the Socreds easily won another term over the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP). Bill and his wife, Lillian, attracted public adoration with their high-voltage smiles, positivity and charisma.[1] It’s obvious from the note, not everyone was in agreement.

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