King Philip II of Macedon

Philip II of Macedon is the powerful war-king who has taken Macedonia from barbarian obscurity to being the ascendant power in all of the lands from Thrace to the League of Corinth. Here he  is shown addressing the Army assembly at Pella. Zeus backs him.  The silver is good.  Who can withstand ?

Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II AR Tetradrachm

Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II AR Tetradrachm. Pella, lifetime issue, struck circa 353-349 BC. 25 mm. 14.4 gm. Obv: Laureate head of Zeus right Rev: ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ, Philip on horseback left, wearing kausia and raising right hand; spearhead below, star below horse’s raised foreleg. Le Rider 102 (D58/R82). EF.

Thank you Paul Anderson at Praefectus Coins for our featured coin and attribution text.

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