Patron Saint of Numismatists

 Did you know that there is a patron saint of numismatists?
His name is St. Eligius. Eligius was born near Limoges in France in 590.  He became an extremely skillful metalsmith and was appointed master of the mint under King Clotaire II of Paris. Eligius developed a close friendship with the King and his reputation as an outstanding metalsmith became widespread. Eligius later fulfilled his desire to serve God as a priest, after being ordained in 640. Then he was made bishop of Noyon and Tournai.  Eligius died on 1 December 659 or 660 and was buried at Noyon.  He is the patron saint of metalworkers and his feast day is December 1.
St Eligius
Over the years there have been numerous medals struck to commemorate St. Eligius.  This octagonal brass medal is 40mm diameter across the flats, weighs 28.97g and was struck in 1966 by the Van Brook Mint of Lexington, Kentucky.
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