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New Westminster Veterans Political Club

New Westminster directory listings mention the Veterans’ Political Club in 1948, 1949 and 1950. They do not mention them in 1947 or in 1951. In 1948 it is listed as Veterans Political Club Unit 4, B. Stoney (sec.) 1121 ½ Brunette. A Bud Stoney had a residence at 1914 8th Avenue in New Westminster. In 1947 the same residence belonged to a salesman named Herbert A Stoney who was married to his wife named Betty. It would seem that this might be the Bud Stoney in question. But then again maybe not for I came across a mention of a Muriel Lois Stoney who died on Monday, January 19th, 2004 at the age of 89 which states that she was predeceased by her husband “Bud Stoney” and this is in a column of Vancouver obituaries of January 24th. 2004. Given that the 1921 census has listed a New Westminster resident, Herbert A. Stoney, as being of Irish parentage and being 9 years old, I think we can assume that “Bud” and Herbert are one and the same

In 1949 and in 1950 the Veterans’ Political Club is listed at 664 Clarkson Street with an R. MacKenzie as its President. This place apparently still exists and is known as Tommy’s Pub (or, apparently, the “Booze Can”). There is a 1121 Brunette Avenue listed as the residence of a Trevor J. Protheroe in 1950. He was the proprietor of Trev’s Fountain Lunch. In 1949-50 a George Walker, residence 544 Austin in New Westminster, is listed as a caretaker of the Veterans Political Club.
In the 1951 directories 664 Clarkson Street is where the Alano Club is located, with a G.D. MacMillan listed as the manager. The Alano Club of Vancouver website says that the Alano Club of Vancouver was incorporated in 1950 but came into existence 3 years earlier. I could not find a starting date for the New Westminster branch. The Alano Club of New Westminster voted to sell their club building at 333-6th Street in New Westminster in 1994. This included the building, business and equipment pertaining to the operation of the restaurant concession and bingo. The club kept the furniture. The price for sale was $1,300,000. It just might be that the Veterans Political Club morphed into the Alano club or they may not have.
I have not found reference to any of the other three apparent Veterans Political Club units or what the Veterans Political Club did in New Westminster or which way their politics went. I have found not much on the two people listed and what I have found is already written above. It is also somewhat unclear as to what this celluloid item with paper insert was used for. It could be a drink token or gaming chip or both. Lots of nagging little things to obsess about!!

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