Mint’s First 3-D Coin

3d-whale-2017-reverse  3d-whale-2017-side-view            3d-whale-2017-obverse

The Mint’s First True 3-D Coin Ever! Unique printing and embossing bring unprecedented dimension to the engraved design!

Few sights are as electrifying as a breaching whale, and this coin features one of the most iconic species that can be witnessed off Canada’s east and west coasts. For the first time ever, we combined a unique printing and embossing process to create a 3-D whale that appears to be launching itself right off the surface of the coin to jaw-dropping effect.

Designed by Canadian artist Matt Bowen, the coin features a three-dimensional depiction of a breaching humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) in all of its breathtaking splendour. Engraved in outstanding detail, the background depicts the waters off Canada’s coastline, where a lighthouse can be found on the headland rocks in the distance. The surface of the ocean is itself filled with magnificent detail, alternating between soft waves and the smooth ripples caused by the whale’s sudden emergence. But the star of the show is undeniably the whale itself: fashioned through a thermoforming process, the embossed whale stirs up foamy waves and a stream of ocean spray as it launches itself almost clear out of the water! Colour highlights the rough textural details along its tremendous pectoral fins, as well as the distinctive bumps on its head and neck. Throughout the design, light is cleverly conveyed by the coin’s silver surface, which shines like sunlight on a bright summer day.

Coin Specifications

Mintage:           7,500

Composition:   99.99% pure silver

Finish:              Proof

Weight:            31.39 grams

Diameter:         38 mm

Edge:               Serrated

Face value:      20 dollars

Artist:   Matt Bowen (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

Image and description courtesy of the Royal Canadian Mint (



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