Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman™!


“Saved from certain doom by his birth parents, the House of El would be preserved in the infant Kal-El, who was rocketed away from Planet Krypton. Forming his strong moral compass, his adoptive parents, the Kents, would teach him what it is to be human as Clark Kent. As Superman, his friends and allies remind him of the responsibility of his power, and help him stay true to his never-ending mission”


“As Superman’s cousin from the Planet Krypton, the teenage Kara Zor-El arrived on Earth many years after Kal-El. While Superman decided her future, Kara was secretly whisked away to Wonder Womanl™’s home island of Themyscira for her own protection; unfortunately, Supergirl was abducted by the dreaded villain Darkseid and pitted against Superman in a battle for her soul. Ultimately, Superman was victorious and returned to Earth with Kara; since then, she has donned a costume inspired by her cousin’s one that identifies her as the young heroine in training, Supergirl.”


These half-ounce pure silver $20 coins have a mintage of 30,000 each.


“Superman™!” is pronounced “Superman!! trademark”. The trademark is owned by DC Comics.

Thank you Royal Canadian Mint for images and text :
See more at: http://www.mint.ca/store/coins/12-oz.-fine-silver-coloured-coin-dc-comics%E2%84%A2-originals-strength-2015-prod2470098?o_action=crossSell&rcmiid=link|productpage|youmayalsolike|12_oz_Fine_Silver_Coloured_Coin_-_DC_Comics_Originals_Strength_2015&#.VjrojLerSCo




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