Imperial Bank of Canada Counterfeit 1917 $100

Imperial Bank of Canada - Counterfeit

Imperial Bank of Canada Counterfeit

During the First World War, the Germans counterfeited the Imperial Bank of Canada’s $100 banknote presumably to undermine Canada’s financial system.  According to Joseph Boling’s March 12, 2012 presentation to the Chicago Coin Club entitled Official Counterfeiting of Paper Currency, “The counterfeit $100 Imperial Bank of Canada circulated in the Middle East, and became known in Canada in the 1920s. The paper does not feel right on this intaglio item of middle quality — the intaglio is shallow, and all pieces seen in the numismatic market have a Persian bank stamp (the Imperial Bank of Resht in northwest Iran, on the Caspian).”

The banknote is repeatedly overprinted with “COUNTERFEIT” and twice perforated with “VOID” above the signature areas.

Images courtesy of London Coins auction item #136 posting (

Boling’s quote courtesy of Chicago Coin Club, Chatter, Volume 57, Number 4.  (

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