Happy 70th Wedding Anniversary

QE II 70th Anniversary - Reverse     QE II 70th Anniversary - Obverse

HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Philip were married on November 20, 1947.  2017 marks their 70th Wedding Anniversary.

Achieving a Platinum wedding anniversary is an incredible feat and, in order to celebrate the Royal Couple’s milestone, Pobjoy Mint has produced one of the largest coins to date.

With a weight of 70oz (4.37 lbs.) this coin would make a beautiful centrepiece to any numismatic collection. Production is technically very demanding and each piece has been encrusted with 70 Diamonds (Total Weight of 1 Carat). Spot gold plating has been used to highlight certain pieces of jewellery. Each coin is hand finished in-house by the Mint’s master craftsman and many hours are spent finishing each coin due to the fine attention to detail.

Pobjoy Mint has received exclusive approval from HM Queen Elizabeth to feature a dual-effigy of her and HRH Prince Philip together.

Coin Specifications

Metal:                   Proof  Fine .999 Silver and Gold Plated with Diamonds

Diameter:              130mm (5.2 inches in diameter)

Weight:                 2,177.25gms (4.37 lbs)

Issue Limit:           70

Denomination:     70 Crowns


Image and description courtesy of the Pobjoy Mint (https://www.pobjoy.com/us/products/view/platinum-wedding-anniversary-state-opening-of-parliament-70oz-proof-fine-si)


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