First Coins of South Sudan

The South Sudanese government hope their new  coins will increase international recognition of their new country.

South Sudan

“After a long civil war, South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan in July 2011.  Oil fields in the border areas of Sudan and South Sudan has been the source of additional fighting between the two nations.  In 2013 a civil war broke out between the forces of the President and the Vice President of South Sudan.  As a result on the continuing conflicts up to 100,000 have been killed, 1,000,000 have been displaced and 400,000 have fled the country.

In 2015 South Sudan released its first coins.  The designs of the coins are taken from the flags of the country’s states.  The copper-plated steel 10 Piaster features an oil derrick from the flag of Unity State. A Shoebill Stork from the Northern Bahr-el Ghazal flag is on the brass-plated steel 20-Piaster.  The nickel-plated steel features a Northern White Rhino from the Central Equatoria state flag.

The obverse of the coins all depict the arms of South Sudan.  Bi-metallic 1 and 2 Pound coins were also announced, but have not yet been reported in circulation.   All three coins are dated 2015.”

Thank you Joel for your text and images.

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