Merry Christmas! Chantou International Coin and Stamp

It’s our club policy to promote local collectables businesses and we’d like to remind you of ..

Chantou International Coin and Stamp!

They are the perfect place to pick up some last minute Christmas coins or bank notes or stamps. Chantou are official distributors for the Royal Canadian Mint and they have a huge stock there.

Worldwide milled coinage, world stamps, Canada coinage including early tokens, covers, stamp and coin catalogues, coin and paper money supplies, stamp supplies and this is just what I noticed walking around.

They are also offering members of the North Shore Numismatic Society a 25% discount on Coin or Stamp supplies so be sure to let Guiseppe or Bob know you are a member.

Collectors always love supplies too. They’re a good present {hint, hint}

Chantou International Coin & Stamp

6537 Fraser St
Vancouver, BC V5X 3T4

Phone | 604-321-7447

Email |


  • Gold and silver coins and bars
  • Canadian banknotes
  • Worldwide banknotes
  • Estate appraisals
  • Canadian decimal coins
  • Proof silver dollars
  • Proof sets
  • Proof-like sets
  • Specimen sets
  • Canadian and world gold coins and sets
  • Canadian and world stamps
  • Stamp packages by country and topic

Chantou International Coin and Stamp are on Fraser St. just south of East 49th

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