Logging B.C. 1910 Postcards

Wellburn BC Logging 1

Logging B.C. 1910 Eburne Used MacFarlane & Unu Hibben colour Postcard duo ex Gerald Wellburn who notes that it “could be (Jeremiah) Rogers logging at Kitsilano” “In 1860 Jerry Rogers was cutting spars in Alberni, in 1863 he was already in Burrard Inlet and the very next year building the first big logging camp at Jerry’s Cove or as we now call it “Jericho” All Nations Stamp & Coin have a page for the legendary early logger Jeremiah Rogers  Postcard Images thank you All Nations Stamp & Coin  

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Vancouver Postcard Club mark 150th Anniversary of Canada’s Confederation

Postview snippet

“As we know, 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation in 1867 and we thought our readers would enjoy the opportunity to celebrate this happy event through postcards. Philip Francis returns as Guest Editor of this special issue of Postview to honour Canada’s sesquicentennial. The Vancouver Postcard Club invites members and friends to join us for an evening presentation on February 15th at the Hastings Community Centre featuring the postcards illustrated in this issue – and many others from Philip’s Canadian patriotic collection….” read more – Postview is the Club’s newsletter – Postview Canada 150th celebration issue PDF here…

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Philip Timms, B.C. photographer

Philip Timms Bowen. Island

“Mr. Timms is a real Vancouver pioneer; handpicked, extra special, double refined and forty over proof.” Major J.S. Matthews, City of Vancouver Archivist, perhaps best described Philip Timms. Philip Timms, amongst many other accomplishments, created a photographic record of Vancouver between 1900 and 1910. In subsequent years he take many photographs across B.C. A number of Timms’ real photograph postcards have recently featured in the All Nations Stamp & Coin auctions here in Vancouver – thank you for the images.  Thank you Vancouver Public library for the biography of Philip Timms see British Columbia Through the Camera Lens of Philip Timms Philip Timms…

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White Pass station – between Skagway, Alaska and the Yukon – 1905

Lot 178 White Pass, Skagway Alaska 1905 1c Summit Stn colour Postcard from Sitka.  Estimate: $25 White Pass is a mountain pass right on the border between Alaska and British Columbia. It was one of the main passes used in the Klondike Gold Rush and so many horses died that it became known as ‘Dead Horse Trail’. A light-gauge railway was built 1898-1900 leading all the way from Skagway, Alaska to the Yukon route. Thank All Nations for Image and Auction text  

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