Canadian crystal raindrop

This was one of the first modern Canadian coins that caught my eye 🙂

2009-20-Dollar Canadian Autumn-Showers-Crystal-Raindrop-Silver-Coin

A Maple Leaf with a glistening crystal drop of rain –  the 2009 $20 Autumn Showers Crystal Raindrop Silver Coin.

It was designed by Celia Godkin, well-known Canadian author and artist, designed the special limited edition coin. No stranger to coin design (she also designed the 2008 Crystal Raindrop coin), Godkin has also penned several books, including the popular children’s book Wolf Island.

There were 10,000 minted by the RCM.  The coin is 99.99 % pure silver and the reflective crystal came from  Daniel Swarovsk’s crystal firm.

Thank you Silver Coins today for Celia Godkin text and image.

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