This #Canada150 release commemorates the 150th anniversary of Canada. It’s a silver 3 dollars priced at $19.95.

RCM > “Canadian artist Laurie McGaw has created a fun and uplifting collage of the places and things that make Canada great.”


Canada 150 silver coin

A newcomer to B.C. and Canada says: “A lot of thought has gone into the individual elements in the design, and they are nicely rendered. I really like the geographic layout.

My eyes dot about the coin itself. It’s a busy design with a beaver naturally, and a polar bear, a statuesque moose, a salmon and a Canada goose. There’s an inukshuk which is an Inuit geographical marker-stone device, I’ve read. This one is a modernist, human-shaped interpretation of the motif.

Human artifacts: east coast lobster traps, then just for a second I thought it was an unravelled lobster trap but it’s a toboggan. There’s the iconic canoe, a modern lighthouse, hockey stick and puck fair enough, a cowboy (or girl presumably) boot, a float plane. Food? Wheat for the prairies, maple syrup everywhere, salmon and lobster, west and east.

The huge central Maple Leaf is the symbol of #canada150 (I think). Our dear Canada flag is shown too. Parliament hill for the celebratory State, again. First Nations don’t appear to have an up-front presence on the coin. Is this because  they weren’t included in the original confederation agreement? There’s the inukshuk motif, the design of the canoe. For the landscape, a river mountain view. For the trees, a black spruce. And for the weather? Snowflakes. ”

Queen Elizabeth II

RCM promotion is called heart of our Nations and can be visited here

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