Canada 1937 Dollar George VI

I was lucky enough to receive this coin as a Birthday present recently – and in a beautifully toned MS-63. The same “Voyageur” design by Emmanuel Hahn was used for the George VI silver dollar of 1937. There are two bundles of furs on the canoe and if look with a magnifying glass I can see that the forward bundle still has the initials “H.B.” standing for Hudson’s Bay (Company). I can’t see it on the image below mind. I’ll add a photo of mine later when the USB microscope thingummajig is set up.

Checking the initials H.P. below the trunk in case mine was a “Double-HP” variety but doesn’t appear to be.




Value: 2015 Coins and Canada say C$94 and an old 2012 Krause claims US$ 120.  Well, the Canadian Dollar has gone down considerable in value against the US Dollar in that time period. Also the price of silver has fallen.


  • 1 dollar 1937 : 241 002
  • 1 dollar 1937 – Double HP : Included

Specifications – 1 dollar 1937

  • Alloy: 80% silver, 20% copper
  • Weight: 23.33 grams
  • Diameter : 36.00 mm, thickness 2.84 mm
  • Engraver: Obverse: T. H. Paget, Reverse: Emanuel Hahn
  • Designer: Obverse: T. H. Paget, Reverse: Emanuel Hahn
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Die axis: ↑↑

Thank you Coins and Canada for image and specification text.

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