A Favourite Coin – 1958 B.C. Dollar


BC Dollar2

My father was a Royal Naval man and so proud of his service. He was too young for the war but joined the Navy soon afterwards when he was 16 and served a full career. One of the ships he told us about was was the veteran battle cruiser HMS Newcastle which had seen such brave action in the war. Post-war, Dad joined the re-commissioned ship in the Far East. There was action in the Malayan Emergency when the ships guns where “fired in anger”. Then there was a long Foreign Service voyage from Ceylon to Burma to Hong Kong and across the pacific ocean to Vancouver. It was a voyage of post-war good relations for Her Majesty’s Navy.

The crew of HMS Newcastle reported the friendliest welcome and lavish hospitality they received from the Vancouverites. They were impressed with the people, the lifestyle, the big houses, the cars and the mountains. And the food.

Dad brought back a coin and he gave that coin to me recently.

It’s the 1958 B.C. silver dollar and the coin marks the centennial of British Columbia’s establishment as a Crown Colony. In the early 1840s what is now British Columbia was part of the Oregon country and was controlled by the Hudson’s Bay Company. By a treaty signed in 1846, however, the territory was divided along the 49th parallel.

The First Nations totem pole stands powerful and eloquent.

~ Julian Ticehurst

BC Dollar



Alloy: 80% silver, 20% copper
Weight: 23.33 grams
Diameter : 36.00 mm, thickness 2.84 mm
Engraver: Obverse: Mary Gillick, Myron Cook, Reverse: Stephan Trenka, Thomas Shingles
Designer: Obverse: Mary Gillick, Myron Cook, Reverse: Stephan Trenka, Thomas Shingles
Edge: Reeded
Magnetism: Nonmagnetic
Die axis: ↑↑
Image and spec thank you Coins and Canada

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