$4.20 CottonMouth Currency, Trudeau protest note

$4.20 CottonMouth Currency 

Merchant Scrip / Political Funny Money.

The note falls into a number of collecting categories; Advertising, Merchant Scrip and Political Funny Money.

The note was given out at Vancouver’s 4/20 (4/20/2018) Sunset Beach marijuana celebration and protest. The note appears to have a dual purpose, the first is to promote the Cotton Mouth Smoke Shop at 1120 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC. by encouraging customers to redeem the note for $4.20 toward their next purchase at the Davie Street shop. The second is to slow legalization of marijuana by the Trudeau government.

The note is printed on 70mm x 165mm heavy weight white glossy paper.

front of zigzag papers design

Zig Zag papers Political Note Van 420 Trudeau Protest Note 2018

The front of the note is designed to resemble a package of Zig Zag rolling papers. The note states, starting at the top, “SLOW LEGALIZATION”. Followed by a blue banner with, “420” a star and the word “SALE”. The original Zig Zag papers package features a member of the French North African regiment, commonly referred to as, “Zig-Zag man”. On the note he is replaced by a similar stylized Justin Trudeau smoking a marijuana joint. Below that the words, “A RAFFLE TICKET WITH EVERY PURCHASE”. Followed by two red banners. The first stating, “Cottonmouth 1120 DAVIE ST”. The second, “604 331 1602”.

green back of note

Political Note Van 420 Trudeau Protest Note 2018

The back of the note is designed to loosely resemble a bank note. The color is basically a two tone marijuana green. The background is a halftone picture of marijuana plants surrounded by a decorative border of darker green. The top right border has a semi-transparent whitish box with; EXPIRES 4202019. The center design has the Cottonmouth logo with the word currency below, and the demonization $4.20 at the top left and bottom right of the logo. The bottom border has a semi-transparent whitish box the full length of the note with the words “*ONE BILL PER PURCHASE, followed by the serial # 12342069 the serial # is repeated again to the left of the box.

Compiled by Gene Simms

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