3D Egg Shaped Coin

3D Egg Shaped - front3D Egg Shaped - back

3D Egg Shaped- top3D Egg Shaped - bottom

The Mint of Poland has created an innovative coin in the shape of a 3D Egg.  The 2016 coin known as the “Trans Siberian Railway Egg” garnered a lot of attention at the World Money Fair 2016.

Creation of such an innovative product was a big challenge, even for the exquisite craftsmen at the Mint of Poland. The task was demanding not only due to unusual shape of the coin, but also – due to its additional surface that was to be covered with artistic relief images.

It was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of building the longest railroad of all time – the Trans-Siberian Railway connecting Moscow with Vladivostok. In order to assure the impeccable shape of the coin and cover it with intricate relief images, the engineers created a special 6-element die.

The top left picture is the front of the coin and the top right is the back of the coin.  The bottom left picture is the top of the coin with the inscription “7 oz. AG 999”, and the bottom right picture is the bottom of the egg with the inscription “Republic of Cameroon” and  “5,000 Francs” surrounding the Coat of Arms.

Coins Specifications:

Dimensions:  30.50 x 44.20 mm

Composition: 7 ounces of .999 Silver.  On special request this prestigious collectible can be plated with 24-carat gold or covered with antique finish.

Mintage: 1,054

Image and description courtesy of the Mint of Poland website:  https://en.mennica.com.pl/about-us/news/news-details?news_id=1500068-the-mint-of-poland-presents-a-unique-coin-in-the-shape-of-a-3d-egg







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