2019 our first Meeting is Tuesday, January 15th 7pm

Benevolent Dragon on the coin

Hi everyone, 

Happy New Year and all the best for 2019!

The next North Shore Numismatic Society Meeting is on Tuesday, January 15th.  The meeting is held in the Multipurpose Room in the Bonsor 55+ Senior Centre in Burnaby.   Doors open at 6:30 pm and the meeting start at 7:00 pm.  The meeting is open to both members and non-members, so everyone is welcome.  

Program: Michael Souza will present a PowerPoint entitled “Canadian Chartered Banknotes of the West Indies”. The presentation will deal with Canadian banks that have branches in the West Indies and the issuance of banknotes for use in the area.  The PowerPoint was created by the London Numismatic Society and we thank them for sharing this with us. 

Annual General Meeting and Elections
Please note that at the February meeting, we will be holding our Annual General Meeting where Michael Souza, as Treasurer, will present the club’s Financial Statements for 2018.  (I know, boring bean counter stuff, but it has to be done). 

February is also when we hold our elections for officers and directors.  

Please don’t forget to bring your floor submissions for the auction and bring small change to facilitate your purchases. 
January 15, 2019 Auction 
1. Canada 1958 Silver Dollar MS-63 Est. $32  Res. $25

2. Canada 1947 1-cent ICCS-MS-64 Red Est. $20 Res. $12

3. Canada 1925 1-cent VF-20  Est. $50  Res. $30

4. Canada 1940 10-cents ICCS-MS-63  Est. $45 Res. $30

5. Bermuda 1964 Crown MS-62 Est. $20 Est. $15

6. Canada 1967 Silver Dollar ICCS-MS-64  Est. $50 Res. $35

7.  Sweden 1876 5 Ore VF-20 Est. $30 Res. $20

8.  Canada 2002 UNC Silver Dollar Est. $24  Res. $16

9.  Nova Scotia 1 Penny Token 1840 F-12 Est. $20 Res. $12

10.  Canada 2004 Proof Silver Dollar  Est. $30  Res. $20

11.  Bank of Canada $10 1937 BC-24a VG Est. $100  Res. $70

12. Jamaica 1972 $10 Proof Silver Est. $50 Res. $32 
1.4632 oz ASW

13. Hong Kong $1 1936 VG  Est. $25  Res. $17

14.  Canada $20 Hopewell Rock  Est. $60  Res. $40

15. Canada 2000 Lunar New Year $15 Proof Silver Year of the Dragon  Est. $200  Res. $140

Door Prizes  
-Canada DC-24c 1923 25 Cents Shinplaster EF   $60
-Palestine 1941 5 Mils VF Low Mintage 400,000 only  $30
-2009 Uncirculated Set – Vancouver Canucks   $25
-Strait Settlement 1921 50 Cents EF  $20
-Canada 2003 Uncirculated Set “P”  $15
-Hong Kong 1993 BU Set  $12
-Hungary 2 Forint Banknote (1852) Pick #S142 XF  $10
-Guernsey 1910H 8 Doubles VF  $5
Hope to see you all at this meeting.

Michael Souza

The featured coin is called “Benevolent Dragon”  and it’s a hefty 1/2 Kilogram of “Pure Silver Gold-Plated” Coin Benevolent Dragon – Mintage: 588 (2019)

“The benevolent dragon of Chinese tradition brings powerful blessings. This is why he is so drawn to the pearl, clutching it in his claws or under his chin—a perfect sphere of wisdom, energy, and longevity. Traditional Chinese images often depict magical dragons chasing or holding a pearl that is sometimes glowing with flames. Associated with Qi energy, from which all creation flows, as well as with natural elements like the sun, the moon, thunder, and the egg, the pearl pulses with life and potential. Together, the dragon and the pearl generate a powerful, complex symbolism dealing with deep concepts such as truth and enlightenment.”

Thank you Royal Canadian Mint for image and description text.

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